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About Us

Robin’s Nest began as a single spot at our local flea market back in July of 2018. Run by our founder, Robin, and her daughter Alex, the mother daughter team had no idea what they began as they set up their little table of fairies.

With many years of hard work, through all of the Facebook Live shows, COVID, and out-of-state tradeshows, we have grown to include over 900 products, many of which are meticulously designed by the Robin’s Nest team. With Robin’s husband, Matt in charge of design and technology, and their children, Leah and Tom, responsible for fulfillment, the Robin’s Nest family works tirelessly to ensure you get high quality products at exceptional prices with stellar customer service.

Every order placed at Robin’s Nest truly does mean the world to us, just as it meant the world to the two women celebrating their first sale at a quiet flea market all those years ago.