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Red Windemere - Kinetic Art Spinner

Red Windemere - Kinetic Art Spinner

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Introducing the NEW Red Windemere for 2023 with its bold Candy Apple Red finish and unique three-tier design, the Windemere moves in a mesmerizing random pattern. With hints of the metallic flake, the UV-protected Red literally glows in the sun, creating an unforgettable wind sculpture.

Designed to work well with strong winds or a gentle breeze, Windmere will not disappoint. It stands 87” in height, and 27" wide, with powder-coated paint, sealed ball bearings, and a thick pole gauge so no bending in the wind. It also features four 11" step-in prongs for lasting stability in the ground, even in the heaviest of winds.

It’s a perfect gift for any occasion or just a gift for yourself. This spinner will add beauty and elegance to your yard for many years to come.